Inherent Diminished Value

Inherent Diminished Value,”

Diminished Value

Once your car has been repaired, better than new in some cases, after that unfortunate accident you
weren’t responsible for, you might think the at-fault driver’s insurance company fulfilled their obligation;
unfortunately, they most likely didn’t. Commonly called “Inherent Diminished Value,” this refers to the
ultimate loss in the resale value of an automobile due to its unfortunate accident and subsequent damage
history documented on places like Carfax and AutoCheck. While the insurance company may tell you
that Diminished Value “does not exist,” automotive Market Experts will tell you that it most definitely

An automobile purchase is traditionally a well-thought-out and highly-researched decision. A premium is
often paid for the highest quality example with the most options, lowest mileage, and transparent
ownership history. A vehicle with the most meticulous service records, performed by well-known or
approved service centers/technicians, is what consumers are attracted to. Even the slightest accident
or damage history can greatly influence any vehicle’s true value. The most in-demand models
with the cleanest and most transparent ownership history command a premium in today’s pre-owned
market, while examples with accident history and an unflattering Carfax report routinely suffer in terms
of market appreciation and realized value.

Automotive Appraisals & Consulting LLC has NEVER performed Diminished Value appraisals for
insurance companies and is truly objective, impartial, and independent. This, combined with our
experience and extremely thorough Diminished Value Appraisal reporting, enables us to provide our
clients with strong results.