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July 11, 2023
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Colorful yellow autumn in Colorado, United States. Fall season.

Colorado has always been known for its beautiful scenery, but in between the snow-capped mountains
and open plains, automobile enthusiasts who are as passionate about the hobby as anyone call this
wonderful State home. From local car shows to annual Concourse shows, there is always an opportunity
to see restored or in-progress vehicles. Those vehicles are not only shown but also driven. It is not
uncommon to see people enjoying the beautiful weather in their classic cars on a daily basis, whether
driving them for pleasure or simply driving them to work.

Colorado is home to hundreds of miles of roads that make up scenic highways and byways that twist
through the state’s landscape like a fresh mountain stream. Offering breathtaking views of mountains
that are lovingly referred to as “14ers” due to their 14,000 ft. elevation, or scenic overlooks that include
grazing land for Elk and Bighorn Sheep, there is something to be enjoyed by all ages. If keeping your
eyes on the road and testing the limits and performance of your sportscar is more your speed, these
roads offer just that with hairpin curves and long straightaways that any professional driver would love
to tame. The U.S. Secretary of Transportation has designated 13 of the state’s 26 byways as “America’s
Byways,” which see light to heavy traffic year-round. Not only are these roads enjoyed by locals,
families, and tourists, but they are also points of interest for organized car tours. CCCA tours and the
Colorado Grand Classic Car Charity Tour are just a couple of events that people enjoy annually.
Whether you are a participant or just lucky enough to witness these classic motoring spectacles by
chance, the sights, and sounds will last a lifetime.

Racing has long been woven into the automotive landscape of the state’s history as well. The Pikes Peak
Hill Climb has been a world-famous-timed event for over 100 years. Spectators line the now paved road
that starts outside of Manitou Springs and winds up to the 14,115 ft. summit of “America’s Mountain.”
to see motorcycles, cars, and trucks defy logic in a truly remarkable display of speed and engineering.
Drag racing has long had roots in Colorado, with four tracks spanning across the state, with none more
famous than Bandimere Speedway. Built in 1958, on the side of a mountain overlooking the Denver
metro area, Bandimere is home to NHRA’s Mile High Nationals, as well as weekend events held from
spring until fall. When the itch comes to let loose with your classic muscle car, no other venue provides
the facilities or scenery that this track has to offer.

The automobile may have been invented in another country, but it has never been used or enjoyed
more than it has been in this country. Wherever your motoring interests may lie, Colorado just might be
the perfect place to do just that.

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